In June 2015 Work-Shop Makery hosted a series of workshops and activities on the theme of Upcycling, culminating in a Community Art Show.

Local makers, customers and local businesses were invited to submit a work of art on the theme of ‘Upcycling’, to have exhibited in store in this community art event.

We were so pleased with the contributions of our local community and it was a great initiative to get everyone together over a common theme.

Opening Night was on 25th June – and it was a wonderful eve with interesting art on show. Here are some pics snapped by Angela Hulme on Opening night, with additional pics by Work-Shop Makery.

Artists featured include: The Upcycle Collective, According to Alana, Whimsical Art, Fiona Roderick, Chubba Art and Design, Zuzana Galova, Jenepher Walker Millinery, Thilini Nuske
, Alice Bianchi
, Fairtale, Jessica Ashley Unknown, Elsa Isabella, Kylie Walsh, Miss Helen, Roya, Meander, Tinny, Times Flys, Roya Djalali, Michael Lyons and Steve!

The Exhibition is on now, until 12th July, so please come by and enjoy the show!

Work-Shop Makery
106 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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