Salleigh Olsen’s works are an edgy contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Each collection of works takes you on a journey that creatively portrays society, whether it be subtle statements using typography and bold expressive lines of energy and drama, or soft moody sophisticated palettes of abstraction.

Her Female nudes portray the beauty of the female in her natural element, epitomizing her confidence, sexuality and coyness. Her use of mixed media and strong fluid lines enhance the form and displays the female in an uncompromised, mysterious, yet alluring way.

Mediums include, Oil, Acrylic, Bitumen, Shellac, Charcoal expressed on Wood or Canvas
Her works have been well received for originality and diversity.

Salleigh Olsen is now exhibiting at The Makery until Sunday the 30th of November.

We got to ask the amazing maker some questions about her art, the female form and what she will be doing next.

Tell us a little bit about your art and what you do?

The work is a creation of connection to the Female form, it entices the viewer to explore and relate to the subject and enjoy their story of how she is expressed and represented through art and movement. Each creation is purposeful; the subject is in her vulnerable state yet she is confident, mysterious and beautiful and creates a story.

What inspires your work?

Great photography, the intrigue of a subject and beauty.

What is your favourite theme or subject to paint?

Female forms although I love the simplicity and the theatrics of abstraction.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

People fall in love with the subject or the colours in the work connects with them or it reminds them of themselves or a time in their lives.

Can you please tell us about your next project or piece of art you are going to work on?

Id love to express the subjects in live art pieces, and im also really into drawing cactus’s at the moment so I’d love to do a large painting series -they are just so fascinating and diverse in their texture and form.

Where can we find more about you and your work? (Markets/ galleries/ online website/ social media?!)

You can find me at or #salleigholsenart.

How Much For A Piece?


Large Pieces:

1. Your Exactly How I remember You – $1,500 90cm x 90cm – Acrylic and ink on Wood

2. Summer Vibes – $1,500 90cm x 90cm – Acrylic and ink on Wood

3. Code Blue – $1,500 90cm x 90cm – Acrylic and ink on Wood

4. Desire – $1,500 90cm x 90cm – Acrylic and ink on Wood


1. Cactus 1 – Acrylic and Watercolour framed -$30
2. Cactus 2 – Acrylic and Watercolour framed – $30
3. Nude – Acrylic and Watercolour framed -$30
4. Ocean Girl – Acrylic and Watercolour framed -$30
5. Ivory – Acrylic and Watercolour framed – $30

Salleigh’s ArtThe Exhibition @ The Makery