Sydney-siders will have a unique opportunity to do it how they do it on the discovery channel with The Makery. This is for any animal loving creatives out there who are wanting to get their hands dirty with Animake on June 1st.

The Makery is continuing their initiative to help local artists, designers and makers, by giving anyone the chance to create an animal themed artwork which can be displayed in this unique arm of Work-Shop.

All are welcome to exhibit a piece, whatever your level of experience, age or talent may be.

Check out our Facebook Event Page at: and The Makery Instagram

For more information, get in touch with Kylie at Work-Shop Makery :


For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Makery the concept is simple. Vendors pay a small weekly fee to rent out one of the unique display environments in the shop, which you can customise and style to your liking. The Makery will sell your goods without any mark up or commissions so all of the “dough” goes to the maker.

Makers are encouraged to participate in “Meet The Maker” sessions where they can have direct interaction with the public to explain their inspiration, process, values and even do live demonstrations. Goods will be on display amongst a carefully selected pool of local talent.


the event

Size Requirements:  Max size A2 / 60cm cubed (but yes, we can be flexible…)

What?!: Create an animal themed artwork! Painting, photography, collage, sculpture, textile design…whatever your medium may be!

Party!: We are going to have a little party in store too on Opening Night – 2nd June! Invite your friends!

Keen? Please complete the Agreement and Application form. $20 participation fee. Works can be made available for sale (we won’t take any commission!).

Deadline: Please submit work by 5pm, 31st May to Work-Shop Makery – 106 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.