Maison Blanche candles have been delighting our Makery customers ever since we opened our Darlinghurst shop doors back in early 2014. The candle scents draws people in the store and keeps them coming back. We sat down with Kristy Payne, the maker behind these gorgeous hand poured soy wax candles to get the low down on her scent creations and how to pick the best scent for you.

Tell us about the process in creating your scent combinations?

unspecified-5Some of the fragrances I use in my collection are pre-blended by the amazing noses who create the fragrances, but the process of blending is quite simple. I’m completely led by my nose to fragrances I want to add to the collection, and once i’ve picked the base, say Orange for example, I then make 10 or 20 different blends including an array of different notes, like Vanilla, Sugar, Pepper, Lime, Sandalwood etc. I tend to pick 4 or 5 blends I love, and from there work out what sort of fragrance the collection is needing. Some of my all-time favourite blends haven’t made it into the current collections because there was already too many that were similar, but with new collections being created, I’m hoping to introduce them!

Do you notice the seasons effecting the popularity of certain scents throughout the year? Do you have a pick for Winter?

Definitely! Summer brings a sales boom in all the fresh fruit fragrances like Nectarine & Mint and Cucumber, Ginger & Mint. Winter is all about the earthy and wood fragrances, as well as the ‘food’ scents like Pear & Brown Sugar. Although, I find that the ‘Voyage Collection’; our travel candles, sell the opposite way. The ‘Summer’ fragrances sell more in Winter. My guess is that they are being used as an escape from the current season, or are being taken on holidays to the warmer climate. 

My pick for winter is Fresh Coffee. I love burning it on cold mornings on my desk in the office. It has amazing notes of dark chocolate, vanillas and hazelnuts blended with the roasted coffee. It’s incredibly comforting. 

What candle are you burning right now?

Havana, from the Voyage Collection. I’m obsessed with Rose fragrances this year. In the past I’ve always disliked florals, but i think the more fragrances I smell the more my nose is maturing, and I’m starting to really appreciate subtle, delicate and traditional fragrances. 

Fun pop quiz! What scent would you buy

Your mother-in-law? 008 Gardenia & Olive

Someone for a house warming? 005 Coconut & Lime

A random you met at a party once, whose now invited you to their 21st birthday? 009 Strawberries & Champagne!

Your boss? 002 Nectarine & Mint

As a passive aggressive gift because your housemates room smells? 013 Lemon, Lavender & Eucalyptus

Maison Blanche

The process of choosing the right candle can be difficult, so Kristy has put together a little guide sorted into various categories, to help you choose the perfect Maison Blanche addition for your home:

Floral 003 Black Bamboo & Lily

Black Bamboo & Lily is a refreshing and alluring fragrance. The masculine tones of black bamboo are tangled with the delicate soft petals of white lilies, which are symbolic for purity and high-minded aspirations. 

Fresh 013 Lemon, Lavender & Eucalyptus

This native Australian fragrance combines the zesty scent of Australian lemon myrtle with the vibrant aroma of Eucalyptus leaves. Wild lavender offers a relaxing and soothing tone to round out this unique and invigorating fragrance.

Gourmand 010 Pear & Brown Sugar

Calling all foodies! Gourmand scents are seemingly edible, ‘dessert-like’ fragrances. If you love to cook sweet treats, our Pear & Brown Sugar soy candle is sure to be the one for you.

Oriental 006 Sweet Orange & Chilli

Love a fragrance with a kick? Sweet Orange & Chilli does just that. It’s unique aroma is refreshing and unusual, with a blend of citrus and a dash of chilli, this fragrance combination is sure to get your senses going.

Woody 011 Lime & Sandalwood

Lime & Sandalwood is perfect for those who love the outdoors. It’s uplifting and sensual properties bring a relaxing aroma to any room. The fresh fragrance of Lime makes it a great scent to burn while doing yoga or meditation.

Fruity 005 Coconut & Lime

Fruity fragrances are fun and lively, making them a great addition to brighten up any room. The vibrancy of Coconut & Lime will energize the mind and exude positivity. This is a great summer fragrance and a perfect gift idea.

Maison Blanche candles can be purchased in store at Work-Shop Makery, 106 Oxford Street Darlinghurst NSW, or online:

Parts of the article first appeared on the Maison Blanche Blog, 16 April 2016