Pariny Laosy

Pariny Laosy was born in Laos during the turmoil of the Laos civil war as the family escaped to Thailand. In the early 1980s she moved as a child refugee with her family to Tamworth, Australia and eventually settled as a teenager with her enlarged clan to the west of Sydney.

Presently she resides with her partner and beautiful daughter in Sydney’s inner
west. Since an early age Pariny has shown an aptitude towards art and media which was first highlighted with her work being displayed through Art Express in her final year of secondary school.


Pariny’s formative years were spent outside of the established art world, but privately she constantly strived to express her love of art. For a period she took classes at Julian Ashton Art College based in The Rocks, Sydney, to help develop her techniques.

From leaving school she has worked in various arenas including visual merchandising. As a professional, Pariny managed her own and family businesses,
 which incorporated the sale of art including her own works. Over the past 10 years Pariny has slowly moved into the main stream art world working with  recognized galleries and auction houses creating work for various projects.


For 6 years she worked as an established resident gallery artist and in the latter half of 2010 became a completely independent artist. She has exhibited her work in various galleries in NSW and presented at the Melbourne Art Fare in 2010.

Her art can be found on the walls of musicians and corporate environments around the globe which only continues to extend her visibility in the world of art as an up and coming artist.

More recently she has completed  major projects for Turkey, New Zealand, London, Sydney, Beijing,  Tokyo and Newcastle upon Tyne clients and is in the process of creating works for an exhibition in 2016.


Pariny Laosy is an intuitive artist who paints with tremendous energy and expression.  Dripping paint using a variety of objects to manipulate it, creating loose expressive line of the urban landscape. Her female form symbolise both the fragile nature and incredible strength of the female mind and body.

She is inspired by  Jackson Pollock, Toulouse ­Lautrec, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Modigliani and are   her main influences. Her work is mixed media on canvas, board and card. Pariny finds her main inspirations are abstract, landscapes and nudes which has lead to some amazing conceptual work.


You can view Pariny’s work at Work-Shop Makery, 106 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010