Hey, folks. Great news- turns out that Mr John Cleese (self-professed writer, actor and tall person; also British comic genius of Monty Python fame) wants YOU to come to Work-Shop.

Well, he didn’t exactly say that, yet- he still owes us a visit- but we know he’d jumping on the Work-Shop bandwagon playing the electric air guitar. Here’s why.

Turns out Cleese ain’t just a comic genius by chance- he’s also a rather slick creative theorist. And he’s given some cutting edge inspirational advice on the topic in his time… In this 1991 lecture on creativity (YouTube him for more recent versions, too) he talks on the 5 key conditions for enhancing your creativity- which it just so happens we can help with.

The premise: Our minds operate in 2 key modes- closed (great for honing in on decisions, focused problem solving) and open (the wondrous, illusive creative zone).

(We know you want to be more creative. We also want you to be more creative. Cleese wants you to be more creative. How?)

  • Key factor #1: Space. In order to tap into your creativity, you need to find space for yourself away from the demands and pressures of everyday life.
  • Key factor #2: Time. To actually seal yourself off, you also need to set aside time. Make yourself a creative oasis, says John.
  • Key factor #3: Time. Yes, again. You need to make proper time. It’s hard to turn your brain off from the procrastination chatter- remembering all those other things you’re supposed to be doing right now… It’s so much easier to do trivial things that are urgent, than it is to do important things that are not. It’s also easier to do small things we know we can do than big things we’re not so sure about. Wise words. Endure the mental process, your mind will quieten down again, and before you know it, you’ll be in that lovely zone. Play, experiment, and maximise mulling-over time to maximise originality.
  • Key factor #4: Confidence. Speaks for itself, eh? Nothing kills creativity as effectively as the fear of making a mistake.
  • Key factor #5: A 22-inch waist (or actually, humour). Gets you into the open zone quicker than anything else. It makes us playful, and it can still actually be applied to serious things. Get funny.

Luckily, Work-Shop can offer you a fast-track 5-way Cleesey creativity solution. Fancy that.

Space? We’ve got it. Come hang out in our beautiful Chippendale creative haven, surrounded by the work of local creative prodigies- whether there’s classes on or not. Some would call it an oasis.

Time? Well, sorry folks- you’ve got to make that, but we’re here waiting for you.

Confidence? Easy. Inspiration guaranteed in our fun and supportive environment. We turn the thermostat to the vibe of chilled out experimentation.

A 22 inch waist? Try our free yoga or tai chi sessions (or something more intense, like parkour). And humour- we like funny. Bring some, take some, share some. That’s what it’s all about…


Author: Ursula Heath