1)  Tell us a little bit about your label (art) and what you do?

I am a freelance painter! But I also sketch, sculpt, etch and take the occasional photo. Currently, my favourite medium is watercolour, and I particularly love experimenting with different colours to express light, emotions and movement.  I love how unpredictable the watercolour can be sometimes. Because of this, my latest work is fairly raw and organic.

2) How did get into your type of work?

I started drawing when I was a young child. I have fond memories of drawing dogs all the time! Since then, I have continued growing as an artist. I am a very curious person and I always try to experiment with new styles and techniques.  Mind you, most of my commissions in Sydney so far have been of people’s pet dogs!

3) What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I actually graduated as an Architect! But it was after two years of working as one in Italy, before I realised it was to regimented for me! I also worked briefly for a bank… but again, sitting in an office is not my kind of fun.

Instead I went travelling, and have been on the road for the last 6 years, doing my fair share of cafe work to help support my art career.


4) Describe the best reactions you’ve had on work?

I love working at the Glebe Markets on Saturdays, because so of all the fascinating people I meet…. Often my paintings spark up conversations about travel, films, pets, music and lovers….  I get to hear lots of crazy and wonderful stories from customers! It’s also really touching to see a customer’s excited reaction when I can deliver a painting of someone or something that’s so familiar to them.

5) One thing you can’t live without?

Creating something every day….! Even when I find myself too busy to eat or do my washing… I always manage to find at least 15 mins to draw or paint to unwind.

6) Aside from coffee, what gets you up in the morning?  

Unlike every other Italian, I don’t actually drink much coffee! Instead…. I need my music… Tom Waits is my favourite to listen to first thing in the mornings!


7) How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?

An aimless traveller

8) What’s the next awesome skill you want to learn?

I have just started learning about painting large scale mural, and really enjoying the challenge!

9) Ignoring money and rules what would your dream project/artwork be?

To open my own studio that will be a gallery as well as space to host art classes for children


10) Favourite place to chill in Sydney?

Jubilee Park in Annandale,  with a nice red wine and friends.

11) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Try and always live the present and not worry too much about the future.

12) What advice would you give to new, aspiring Makers?

Have fun with your creations and take lots of risks… The more experimenting and risk taking you do, the more you will develop your own unique style.

13) And most importantly, what would your ultimate karaoke song be?

Considering I am probably one of the biggest ACDC fans in Italy… I’d say Whole Lotta Rosie is still my favourite!