Tell us a little bit about your label (art) and what you do?

Trying to avoid potholes and mostly going around in circles.

What inspires your work?

Someone to love, something to do, somewhere to dream.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Hard to find, easy to wear.

One thing you can’t live without?

A Johnny T original t-shirt.

What gets you up in the morning?

Alarm clock, my dog, and sunrise through the window of gum trees.

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?

Still talking shit.

What is the next skill you want to learn?

How to distill rum.

Favourite or most inspirational place in Sydney?

Sunrise at Grotto Point.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

If people copy you’re doing it right.

What advice would you give to new, aspiring Makers?

Believe in what you are trying to achieve and never give up.

And most importantly, what would your ultimate karaoke song be?

Ghosts by The Presets.