1) Tell us a little bit about your label (art) and what you do?

Beste Ogan Design stemmed from finally following my life-long dream of creating and making through a life-changing move to Australia from Turkey. As a designer-maker, I strive to create timeless objects that are a pleasure to use everyday. I believe in creating objects that are beautifully simple and modest as well as pleasing. My minimalistic designs reflect ‘the beauty of the imperfect’ while creating a tactile experience with their organic forms and natural surfaces. I love uniting the contrasting and complementing qualities of clay and wood in my work. My current range includes TABAK (stoneware tableware mimicking distressed leather), FUSE (porcelain-plywood table lamp), ADA (porcelain dinnerware mimicking pebbles and marble), and SIDEKICK (bamboo-ceramic-plywood serveware).

TABAK 'Leather Series' colours

2) What inspires your work?

My inspiration usually comes from natural materials and objects. I cherish the beauty of their organic forms, their honesty and unpretentious simplicity, and the tactility of their patina as they age. I always seek to capture that tactility and sensuality in my work that invites a person to touch and caress. Watching people engage with my work and their reaction as they touch it for the first time is my biggest reward.

3) What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I was a businesswoman managing the Istanbul operation of a multimillion-dollar international packaging company for about a decade before I followed my life-long dream of creating and making!

TABAK 'Leather Series' latte cup

4) What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I saw one lady literally run toward my stall at Finders Keepers Market to touch my ‘Leather Series’ bowls saying “I just had to touch it!” That sure put a huge smile on my face! People really think it’s leather even after touching it then ask me what it’s made of.

5) One thing you can’t live without?

The ocean. I don’t think I can live away from it.

6) What gets you up in the morning?

Knowing that I do what I really love and enjoy for a living.

TABAK 'Leather Series'

7) How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?

Brutally direct, perfectionist, foodie.

8) What is the next skill you want to learn?

So much to learn, never enough time! Glassblowing, casting concrete, 3D printing, being able to chop veggies like a chef, becoming fluent in Spanish and Italian, etc. etc. etc.

9) What is your dream project?

I’d love to design bespoke tableware for a restaurant that I love.


10) Favourite or most inspirational place in Sydney?

Nielsen Park Beach

11) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Do what you love for a living and own your own business. You’ll work harder but the satisfaction you’ll get will be greater than any other job.

ADA 'Pebble Series' marbled

12) What advice would you give to new, aspiring Makers?

It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Believe in yourself and never give up.

13) And most importantly, what would your ultimate karaoke song be?

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Corny I know but ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’