They say marriage is something that only happens once (or twice) in a lifetime so make sure you kiss the single life goodbye in the most creative way possible.

Forget fatograms and dodgy strippers. Let Work-Shop tailor an experience that the hen or buck will actually enjoy.

Popular Activities For Hens*

  • Watercolour & Wine
  • Drunk Painting
  • Cocktail Mixology
  • Screen Printing (tote bags, shirts, tea towels)
  • Flower Crowns
  • Life drawing (nude male model)
  • Jewellery Making
  • Hula Hooping

Popular Activities For Bucks*

  • Cocktail Mixology
  • Magic (cards/coin/pub tricks)
  • Poker Strategy
  • Life Drawing (nude female model)
  • Bacon Making

This is only a small taste of what we can do for your event, you can choose from most of our current classes or we can tailor one to your needs.

Email for information on Sydney hens.

Email for information on Melbourne hens.

Email for information on Brisbane hens.

Email for information on Adelaide hens.

*Some activities listed are only available at specific locations as Work-Shop is nationwide