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The Zine Workshop will teach participants how to make their own zine using DIY materials found around the home as well as typewriters and a variety of analogue creative tools. Each participant will walk away with your very own zine, backed up with an understanding of what a zine is and how to distribute and publish them.

In one way or another zines have slowly taken over my life since the early two thousands. From creating zines to running workshops, co-funding the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium and curating the zine exhibition, Copier Jam! Upon reflection, it’s rather strange as a failed English at schools and continue to battle with dyslexia. With all that said, they have made me a better person and have made me become an advocate of zines and independent publishing. I love that zines are an amazing platform for anyone to document, share a viewpoint or simply share your creativity. These little bits of paper on every topic imaginable have provided opportunities to travel and connect with creators throughout Japan, America, New Zealand along with make lifelong friends.

What you'll get

  • Learn how to make your own zine using DIY materials and analogue creative tools.
  • Your very own Zine, and an understanding about Zine Culture, publishing and distributing.

what to bring

  • Students can bring along any art, poetry, writing that they would like to include in the zine.


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