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We all have our favourite songs for different moods and moments in life. But have you ever wanted to write a song of your own?

Demystify and discover the art of simple songwriting with this workshop exploring the union between music and lyrics. Workshop participants will explore how to write songs from the heart through use of language, song form and basic harmony. No prior musical or vocal experience needed, just a love of language and music!

namARTste explores CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY through the union of the Arts and the eight limbed path of Yoga.

Our Yoga & Music series is designed to empower and inspire through 60 minutes of yoga and 90 minutes of musical exploration. We’ve combined our favourite styles of Yoga with musical essentials to demystify and enhance your relationship to music and yourself.

In this Yoga & Music  session: we will flow through a dynamic Vinyasa yoga practice stretching the body and mind before demystifying songwriting.

No prior musical, vocal or Yoga experience needed, just a love of language and music! Options are given for beginners to advanced practitioners. Feel free to bring along any portable musical instruments.

Vinyasa Flow –

In this practice, we connect movement with breath to create continuous flow through yoga asana (postures.) With a focus on alignment and transitions of the fundamental standing and seated postures, you will explore strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance as we map the internal landscape.

What you'll get

  • 60 minute Vinyasa flow practice with tailored playlist
  • Experimenting with word play and word association
  • Discussion around song forms and options to harness self-expression
  • Exploration of melody and lyrics


what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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