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Unleash your inner creative, reduce stress and increase mindfulness as you get your hands messy with the earthy goodness of mandala making.

We will begin this three hour workshop with a nourishing yin and yang yoga class followed by meditative practice of mandala making.

You will learn how to prepare clay for use, how to create a slab, how to use coils for decoration and how to join clay.

After the class your pieces will be kiln fired, making it usable and food-safe.

Please note: you will need to collectĀ your fired piece from Work-ShopĀ once it is ready!

What you'll get

Clay &Ā Pottery Tools provided

Firing of your pottery

There will be some yoga mats available to borrow on the day if you don’t have your own.

what to bring

Yoga Mat

Water bottle

Journal and pen


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