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Ever wondered how to write a ‘hit’ song? This course will help you learn about the mystery around songwriting and also music’s job of making a great song. We’ll discuss things like ‘what makes a good song?’, ‘How a song is written’ and ‘where do ideas come from and what if you can’t get ideas.’ We’ll chat about examples of great songs and try to understand what the formula is to a good song and also why there’s no magic formula to a ‘hit’ song.

We’ll also touch on basic chord structure and what are the best chords to use when writing songs and collaborate on writing a themed song as a group by writing some lyrics to… well, potentially a ‘hit song’!

What you'll get

  • Song structure
  • Inspiration
  • Basic song writing skills
  • Recording of class song via email

what to bring

  • Pen and paper
  • Your writing caps on!