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Weaving is a creative, social and meditative process. As any maker will tell you, being mindful throughout the creative process is just as important as the product itself. Putting down your phone, turning off your screens and stepping away from the rush to simply sit, weave, connect with others and be present is an invaluable and incredibly enjoyable way to incorporate mindfulness and creativity into your life.

In this Coil Woven Earrings Workshop we’ll be incorporating traditional coil weaving practices with modern materials and techniques to create our own unique pair of earrings.  In addition to jewellery, you’ll also be able to use these skills to make baskets, sculptural pieces and wall hangings.

What you'll get

  • All materials to weave your own gorgeous earrings
  • a chenille needle, fibres directory and step-by-step guide to coil weaving

what to bring

  • Your creative self!
  • Feel free to bring food or drinks to snack on as lunch won’t be included


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