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Hannah from Solstice Nutrition is bringing you her top tips and recipes for a thriving immune system in this Winter Warming Tonic Workshop.

As we enter the heart of Winter it’s easy to get run down. Winter is for warming drinks, cozy nights and keeping that immunity up.

This workshop will focus on warming tonics that are designed to boost the immune system, help digestion and brighten up the skin. You’ll learn about the influence your immune system has and why its so important to keep it in tip top condition. Colds and flus are just one sign of a worn out immune system, there are several other ailments attributed to immunity that the tonics demonstrated in this workshop are designed to heal.

Come along for a fun, cozy, warming and nutritious evening to learn about simple healing tonics you can drink every day for radiant health.

What you'll get

All ingredients to make 4 delicious Winter tonics including:

● Ginger & Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

â—Ź Spiced Ashwaganda, Maca Warmer

â—Ź Cacao, Chaga Mushroom and Lucuma Tonic

â—Ź Turmeric Antioxidant Tea

Recipes to take home.

what to bring

Pen and Paper to take notes

An apron if you like


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