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Let’s spend a lazy Sunday afternoon drinking wine, learning about worms and building (or repairing) your own worm farm. All while hanging out in a creative warehouse plant jungle in Sydney’s Inner West.

These worms will be more than happy to live in your house, apartment, or workplace.

After this workshop, you and your worms will be able to turn your unwanted food waste into rich fantastic fertiliser which will help your indoor plants thrive!!!

What you'll get

  • All worm farm materials provided. When you select your ticket, you can choose for us to provide a worm farm, or you can bring in one you already have that isn’t working and we’ll fix it up together.

  • If you have one that isn’t working but don’t want to bring it in, you can bring in pictures of it and we can give you some feedback/tips on how to get it working again.

what to bring

  • Worm farm if you want! (see “What You’ll Get” for more info)


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.