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Ever walked into a bottle shop and felt totally overwhelmed by the walls of wine on offer? Is your go-to on the wine list the second-cheapest bottle of plonk, simply because you have no other point of reference? We know how confusing wine can be, so we’ve put together a workshop to equip you with the tools you need to navigate the world of wine – and enjoy it in the process!

You’ll learn…

  • How to recognise the characteristics of wine and what to look for in different types, such as fruit flavours, acidity, tannins, alcohol content and sugar.
  • How to match wine to food.
  • And… All those little things you always wanted to know but were too shy to ask, such as how long wine lasts once open, the best way to order wine in a restaurant, foreign wine names, best serving temperature, common misconceptions and last but not least, a few secret tricks of the restaurant trade

What you'll get

Wine, wine, wine – Don’t worry, we won’t run out!

Delicious nibbles – handpicked by Banjo to go with your wine.

what to bring

All those questions about wine you’ve always wanted to know, but never felt comfortable asking that snooty waiter.


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