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Basket Weaving is one of the oldest traditional crafts practiced in countries around the world. The variety of materials used is endless and mainly sourced from plant material available in the local environment.

The joy of making a basket from materials collected from the natural environment is both satisfying and exciting. You will be filled with pride as you admire your own handmade basket and the joy you can experience when you give a basket you made filled, with homemade goodies is a pleasure to give and an immense delight to receive.

We will use materials we have sourced from the garden, and vines we have collected from reveg and clearing sites. Everyone will make 2 small baskets… A melon basket and a bowl (wheel and spoke technique).

  • A Melon Basket is a traditional style basket with a handle. It is a circle inside a circle with ribs which make the shape.
  • A Bowl basket has the ribs lined up like the spokes of a wheel and the weaving is in a circular direction which forms the bowl.


What you'll get

  • All materials supplied to make 2 small baskets
  • Tips on how to collect, prepare and store a organic weaving materials.
  • The skills you will learn will allow you to make and create baskets using endless types of readily available resources.

what to bring

  • Nimble fingers!
  • Wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty or bring an Apron!


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