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Are you a whisky lover, or someone who is new to whisky? Then this is the experience for you!

We present the newest foodmatch to appreciate: Whisky and cheese!

Admittedly, when thinking of pairing food with drink, one doesn’t spontaneously think of single malt whisky and fine cheese. They are not traditionally associated with one another.

Yet, when you think about it, they both enjoy a similar rich heritage and tradition, and both possess similar attributes such as being distinctly smoky, nutty, spicy and, yes, even peaty.

So it shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise that more and more people around the world are now beginning to enjoy the complimentary characteristics of fine cheese and various expressions of single malt whiskies at home with their friends and family.

We’re thrilled to share with you – Whisky & Cheese Appreciation – a pairing session that will really bring out the flavours and textures in both the cheeses and the whiskies.

Get ready for this new matching experience to excite the senses. James’s recommendations are not set in stone but are starting points for you to try new combinations of hand made cheeses with different whisky expressions.

During the evening we will discover that there’s a fine cheese out there that will perfectly complement the rich and complex or fruity and light character traits of your favourite whisky.

What you'll get

  • To taste whisky and cheese all night, surrounded by happy and buzzing like minded people

what to bring

  • An appetite!


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