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As a team of passionate new world distillers, Archie Rose Distilling Co. is dedicated to honouring Sydney’s rich spirit-making past, and shaping its future with the launch of the first independent distillery in the City of Sydney in over a century and a half. Located within 5km of the CBD, Archie Rose distils Gin, Vodka, Rye Whisky and Single Malt Whisky to be shared in good company and good favour alike.

In this in depth 90min session you will have the unique opportunity to tour our distillery, taste some of the raw ingredients and mid-production components of the whisky making process and learn about the equipment, stages and skill involved in crafting the perfect spirit.

Moving into the bar, you will then be guided through six unique expressions of whisky from around the world, by our Production Manager and whisky expert, Dave Withers. Touching on the history, production methods and tasting notes of the key styles and regions, you will have the opportunity to learn how to appreciate and differentiate some of the world’s finest drams.

What you'll get

– A full distillery tour and explanation of the whisky making process

– An introduction to, and brief history of whisky as a spirit, the different major styles and regions, and a guide on how to nose and taste whisky

– Six unique whiskies of various styles from around the world, hand selected by Dave

You are more than welcome to purchase additional food or drinks at the bar.

what to bring

A passion for all things whiskey!