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Freelancing can be lonely. Local artist Kate Pullen knows this all too well, so we’ve collaborated on a networking night for creatives on the hustle. Promising insightful speakers and striking a balance between mingling and purpose, you will leave having made connections with a diverse range of people across various industries, each with a unique skillset. We’ll have plenty of crafty activities to break the ice, along with the essential snacks and drinks. We’re aiming for zero cliquey vibes and total inclusion – everyone’s welcome in this safe space.

All creatives are welcome, whether your specialty is UX, illustration, photography, web development, art direction – whatever. This is a no-pressure opportunity to meet other guns for hire and cook up collaborative projects, discuss business tactics, or just chat life. Escape the isolation of freelance, broaden your network and explore different perspectives – you’re not alone!


Joining us at Well Crafted Chats is the wonderful Magda Ksiezak. Magda is perhaps best known for her incredible paper creations, but her skills extend far and wide. From being a senior design at Yelldesign, to teaching at Shillington and speaking at the Newcastle conference MAKEit MADEit, we’re excited to talk shop and life with this talented gal.

What you'll get

  • The opportunity to network with a diverse range of people from various industries
  • Beers & snacks!

what to bring

  • Business cards


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.