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Here’s a hot tip from us to you- even if you have THE WORST handwriting (like, indecipherable, doctor-in-a-hurry-style writing) you can STILL brush letter. That’s a fact. Come along to Watercolour Brush Lettering and we’ll prove it to you!

In this class with Vanessa from Vitamin Sea Design, you’ll learn the basics of creating those Instagram worthy letters, using brush pens, paintbrushes and watercolour paints. You’ll be breaking down the alphabet to perfect your technique, and learn the basics of colour theory to mix gorgeous colours. Put it all together in a balanced and harmonious composition in a piece of lettering artwork you’ll be proud to take home.

This class is perfect for absolutely anybody, whether you are an absolutely newbie to brush lettering, or have a little knowledge and want to pick up some new tips and techniques. PLUS… you get to take your materials home so you can keep on with your lettering journey.”

What you'll get

  • Workbook
  • A quality watercolour set
  • Aqua brush pen
  • Mixing palette
  • 3 hours worth of priceless peace of mind 🙂

what to bring

  • Just your smile & a passion for learning!


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