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Simela Petridis (Pizzle Paints) is a modern watercolorist from Adelaide, Australia. Simela began watercoloring to alleviate the stresses of everyday life and found comfort in the beauty of creating unique pieces of art. Her original style and techniques resonate throughout herĀ InstagramĀ portfolio showcasing her love for creating intricate, bold wreaths and one of a kind bouquets.

‘Watercolour Wreath Illustration’ is an introductory workshop on how to illustrate and watercolour modern florals in the aesthetic of a wreath or bouquet using various simple techniques created by Simela.

This fun, energetic workshop will leave you feeling confident in your ability to illustrate and capture the beauty of modern florals whilst learning the amazing skill of watercolour painting. Enjoy a custom Pizzle Paints interactive booklet to practice with, and live demonstrations from Simela herself ensuring your experience is memorable and completely personal. Simela is ecstatic to be teaching this workshop and cannot wait to see you there and in the wise words of Pizzle Paints #whenindoubtwreathitout

What you'll get

  • Learn how to illustrate modern florals and then how to construct the illustrations to create a wreath or bouquet
  • Learn about wreath and bouquet aesthetic and positioning of illustrations
    Learn watercolour techniques including: wet to wet, solid, bold to bleed & marbling, colour mixing and watercolour brush use, detailing using markers and gel pens
  • Enjoy wine to enjoy throughout the night to get your creative juices flowing!
  • All materials you’ll need to use throughout the class
  • Custom Pizzle Paints interactive booklet to practice in before you start your final piece

what to bring

  • Your favourite paint brush (optional – brushes will be supplied for you)
  • A booklet to take notes (optional)


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