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Spring is here, and what better way to welcome it in with a botanical inspired watercolour class!

During this workshop you will learn a stack of tips and tricks to become a confident watercolour painter.

In particular you will learn how to create dynamic watercolour paintings, developing a style that is totally your own. 

Here are some specific things you’ll get to learn about:

  • What watercolour is and why it is so satisfying to learn how to paint with.
  • How to hold and control a watercolour brush.
  • How to break down realistic subject matter into line, shape, highlights and shadows.
  • Basic colour theory where you will blend and mix your own unique colour scheme.
  • Tonal layering. Where you will learn how to build up colour to depict tone, creating three-dimensionality and depth.
  • How to control the media (watercolour) that you are working with through brushstrokes, washes, blotting and colour testing.

What you'll get

All materials for the class will be provided including a range of beautiful flowers and foliage, reference images, paint palettes, brushes, pencils and watercolour papers.

what to bring

Just bring yourself!

If you have a favourite type of flower, bring one along (or an image of one)!