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Keen on bettering your lettering? Convert your work from sketch to screen with this four-hour masterclass with Bobby Haiqalsyah. It will cover the fundamentals of typography, best practices when working with type (both by hand and digitally), and how to transform your sketch or hand lettering into a digital vector.

Vectors allow greater flexibility and accuracy than working on paper; pieces can be modified, recoloured and scaled infinitely without losing resolution. This workshop will give you the know-how to digitise your doodles so they’re logo-ready. You don’t need to be an advanced user, but experience using Adobe Illustrator is very useful to fully grasp the techniques covered in this class.

What we’ll cover:

– Type basics and working with type

– Introduction to practical lettering

– Advanced tips and techniques when working digitally with type

– Learning material for you to take home

What you'll get

  • Learn to transform your hand-drawn lettering to digital
  • Advanced skills in Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn the basics of type including type terminology
  • Learn useful tips and techniques for vectoring type in Adobe Illustrator

what to bring

  • Your own laptop with a copy of Adobe Illustrator is compulsory. 

  • Paper and pens will be provided, but feel free to bring some of your own materials from home should your have any favourites!

  • Bring along any inspiration or examples hand lettering that you like.


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