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Urban sketching is a simple and beautiful way to capture a place, a time, a life story. Drawing our surroundings seems to cement our place in them, and this stretches back through human history to cavemen drawing on walls. Sometimes just looking at an illustration of a cityscape, room or urban space is enough to inspire us to pick up a sketchpad and try it ourselves. The beauty of urban sketching is that it’s fast and loose and can be done anywhere – from your car, in the park, at a bustling mall. Just take in your surroundings and recreate them in whatever medium you wish, as precise or sloppy as you like. The important aspect of this craft is that it becomes a daily activity, enmeshing creativity in all that you do, resulting in a visual diary of your explorations, adventures, and memories.

This class is for seasoned artists and total beginners alike, and is run indoors and outdoors. All materials will be provided, but if you have a preferred medium and tools, please bring them along. We’ll cover techniques for drawing and composition, as well as the proper use of materials like fineliner and watercolour paint. Learn about artistic expression, storytelling and how to convey sensory experiences through an image. You’ll come away with an anytime-anywhere new hobby and the power to recreate the world through your own unique lens.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided
  • Develop drawing  skills that will help you to design, communicate, and understand the world
  • Learn interesting ways to use pens and watercolour

what to bring

  • Just yourself


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