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As part of Work-Shop Makery’s  host of programmes on the theme of Upcycling running in June, we are delighted to have Maaike from Furniture Resurrection presenting her fabulous Wall Button workshop in store.

Join a table of like minded creatives for a chilled out morning of design and making. Use industrial discards and designer fabric remnants to craft bespoke, tactile elements for your home. You’ll learn the basic upholstery principles and hand stitching techniques that you can apply to larger projects in the future. Your wall buttons will be the perfect graphic elements to round out your photo wall – consider re-using some of your favourite textile memories as part of your designs.


What you'll get

You’ll learn basic upholstery techniques while assembling a fabric collage of awesomeness. The 2 hour class will allow enough time for you to complete a selection of beautifully considered wall buttons.

You will also…

  • Get Creative
  • Have Fun
  • Learn to stretch &  staple
  • Apply foam
  • Slipstitch fabric

what to bring

All materials and hardware are provided.

However…you are encouraged to bring along your own materials if you would like to make your Wall Buttons more personalised. Ribbons, Travel scarf souveneirs, favourite jackets, skirts or band t-shirts that are too ratty to wear and too awesome to let go, can be spliced with coordinating fabrics from Maaike’s stash to craft something truly unique.