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Easy to pick up, and hard to put down, the humble ukulele is the perfect instrument for those wanting to up their musical game. With a few simple chords you can play along to thousands of tunes and jam along with other musos. The world is your musical oyster.

This class has one thing in mind. Getting you playing as quickly as possible while covering all good practises to let you develop into a player for the rest of your days. The class starts right at the basics and quickly develops. Positions and holding, strums, melody and chord shapes are covered as they develop into simple songs, taking a detour into the chord theory and quite a few laughs. We’ll cover basic strum patterns, chord structure and swing (all easier than you think with some proper guidance) and we’ll have you playing a sweet song in no time. Come for the music class, stay for the dad jokes. Tom The Pom is our resident musical expert, with a side of stand up comedian so get ready for a fun-filled night learning the mightiest little instrument- the ukulele!

What you'll get

  • Tom is supported by Makala Ukuleles, some of the best ukes around. Use one of his or bring your own. Ukes will be for sale at the completion of class.
  • Chord charts for the songs and strum patterns.
  • Dad jokes aplenty


Work-Shop Ukulele Package

  • Makala Dolphin ukulele – tuned and stretched with carry bag
  • Clip-on tuner

Email tom@tomthepom.com or grab one on the night

what to bring

  • Nothing but enthusiasm
  • Bring your uke if you have one!
  • Many people find their uke easier to play with a strap.
    Tom can stick the strap buttons on for $5 a button.


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