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So you’ve picked up your Uke and you can’t put it down? Maybe you’ve been to a Ukulele For Noobs session? So, what’s next?

Building on Tom’s Ukulele for Noobs, this session is designed to get you past those four chords and into playing the songs you want to. Tom will cover the magic of barre cords, easy ways to fancier strums, as well as chord shapes that take you to the dusty end of the fretboard. The session will also cover ukulele health, strings, action, straps etc, plus there’ll be time to cover all your Q&A’s about the hurdles you might have faced.


Class requirements:
Having attended a Ukulele For Noobs session, or know how to play a C major, F major, G major and A minor chords and understand the postcode system. Contact us for a short video on the postcode system, if needed.

What you'll get

  • Tom is supported by Makala Ukuleles, some of the best ukes around. Use one of his or bring your own. Ukes will be for sale at the completion of class.
  • Chord charts for the songs and strum patterns.
  • Dad jokes aplenty


Work-Shop Ukulele Package

  • Makala Dolphin ukulele – tuned and stretched with carry bag
  • Clip-on tuner

Email tom@tomthepom.com or grab one on the night

what to bring

  • Enthusiasm and the skills you learnt in Ukulele for Noobs
  • Bring your uke if you have one!
  • Many people find their uke easier to play with a strap.
    Tom can stick the strap buttons on for $5 a button.


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.