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Come for the music class, stay for the dad jokes. Tom The Pom is our resident musical expert, with a side of stand up comedian so get ready for a fun-filled Monday night out and learn the mightiest little instrument- the ukulele!

Basic strum patterns, chord structure and swing are all easier than you think with some proper guidance. We’ll have you playing a sweet song in no time.

We run this class regularly and each one is different, so please keep coming back to improve your skills and learn more songs!

Grab a ticket to djembe drumming straight after this class for an entire evening of musical adventures!


What you'll get

  • Tom is supported by Makala Ukuleles, some of the best ukes around. Use one of his or bring your own. Ukes will be for sale at the completion of class.
  • Chord charts for the songs and strum patterns.
  • Dad jokes a plenty


Work-Shop Ukulele Package

  • Quality mahogany concert ukulele – tuned and stretched
  • Padded bag
  • Clip on tuner

ALL FOR $100

Email tom@tomthepom.com or grab one on the night

what to bring

  • Nothing but enthusiasm, or bring your uke


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.