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Ukuleles – mysterious, compelling, seductive. Revered and spoken of in hushed tones, they can be vicious and dangerous when encountered in the wild – however, they can (and must) be tamed!

In this class you will discover the secrets and charms of the uke. It is suitable for absolute beginner and beginner/intermediate players. You will learn the basic skills to enable you to play a wide range of styles of music, and most of all – have heaps of fun!

The session will be adapted to cater for the skills and interests of participants. The intention is to cover a range of skills to give students a solid foundation for their ukulele playing and to give them exposure to what ukuleles, and their players, are capable of.

You’ll learn some basic techniques to enable you to get up & going. We will introduce you to your uke, and you’ll learn how to tune and hold it, and learn some strumming patterns and chords. With these skills you’ll be able to start playing some basic songs –  easily the funnest part of the class! With hits from The Beatles, INXS, and many more – you’ll be strumming your way to uke stardom in no time!

What you'll get

  • Instant uke swagger!

what to bring

  • There will be some ukuleles available to borrow for the class, however students are encouraged to bring their own.
  • A notepad and pen may come in handy, as will a willingness to learn, have fun and perhaps uncover your true calling in life!