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Create your own personalised Traditional Tattoo Flash artwork using ink and watercolour techniques in this 2.5 hour workshop with artist Joshua Thomas.

You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of American Traditional Tattoo Flash, identifying key imagery, symbolism and the importance of elements such as bold colour and strong linework, before learning some basic watercolour application and blending techniques which you’ll use to create your final piece of art.

You’ll spend the second half of the class working on your final composition, with the option of choosing a design from the flash sheets provided or an original design that you’ve created (if you are ok with this Josh)?. We’ll provide you with everything you need – high quality art paper, inks, watercolours, paintbrushes and reference images.

Create a timeless piece of art worthy of display in your home or studio, or if you’re really keen you could even get it tattooed! 

What you'll get

Drawing materials, Paintbrushes, watercolour paints, inks, high quality watercolour paper and all other materials to be used in the class

what to bring

If you have any ideas sketched up bring them along


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