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What’s your criteria for choosing your education, work, relationships and the way you live your life? Patrick has worked with thousands of people all over the world who went for the money, or, met others expectations, did what they were told… only to find they wasted their time at school, hated their jobs and ended up dating all the wrong people.

As a beautiful alternative, Patrick offers sage advice and an active conversation about:

  • What is identity, why it’s important and how can you know what yours is
  • Preparing yourself for an identity based life (getting off the treadmill)
  • Articulating your own identity statements as a foundation for future choices (ed, work, lifestyle…)
  • Working with existing metrics for personality (Meyers-Briggs, Strengthfinders, Enneagram)
  • Developing your own ‘Identity Map’ and finding innovative connections
  • Telling stories of possible futures using your identity map
  • Planning and taking the first big steps, and what to look out for along the way

This workshop is a lot of fun, releasing the full strength of your inner awesomeness, but it will also challenge your own personal brand of inertia and the stuff that blocks the awesome. The process of understanding and acting on your identity is one where you have to really show up as a person. The workshop will be highly conversational with plenty of practical exercises to get your true self back on the map. Patrick will also dish out a lot of hope and encouragement along the way, especially in how to live from the heart, giving substance to that idea via knowing and acting on your identity. It’s the kind of thing that could change your life, if change is what you’re up for.

The Identity Project (have a look through this one before you come, it’ll give you a better overview)

What you'll get

  • A comprehensive overview of the identity process
  • Access to the Identity Project web site (in development, you get to beta it)
  • Large sheets of paper to scribble the main ideas down


what to bring

  • Any personality tests you’ve already done
  • A journal you’d like to use for the rest of your life