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The Cake Wines School of Wine is a light-hearted, high-brow/low-brow look at exciting topics and trends in wine, food and culture!

Hosted by Cake guys Glen Cassidy and Sabino Matera, this is an informal educational style class that gives an insight into the ever evolving world of wine. We’ll taste wine, match food with wine, get into heated debates about wine and generally cause a ruckus, all the while gaining valuable insight, whatever your level of wine knowledge. For this particular session we’ll cover:

  • The Cake Wines story – Who the hell are we and what are we even doing here??
  • Tuning the senses – Why you smell the things you smell? Colour of wine? Taste Refining / honing your skills… without turning you into a wanker!
  • Food + wine matching – How to be a matching ninja!

What you'll get

  • Wine (DUH!)
  • Cheese and meats to nibble on

what to bring

  • Your passion for all things vino