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We are so excited to welcome Lauren, of Blackline Calligraphy, to Work-Shop!

Lauren is a Sydney based, self-taught calligrapher and hand-letterer who learnt the rules and then went on to break them all; in technique, in business and in life. In this two- hour workshop, Lauren replicates the two-year journey she’s had with her love of calligraphy by teaching you technique & then teaching you to disregard the rules to come away with your own unique way of lettering in ink!

This 2-hour workshop is suitable for everyone, from beginners to those who are just looking to improve their calligraphy skills.  You will learn the fundamental basics of pointed pen calligraphy, such as assembling and handling pen and nib, knowing your ink, learning basic calligraphy drills and letterforms as well as helping you to discover your own unique style of calligraphy.

Individual materials will be supplied to each participant. All materials supplied are carefully tested and Lauren’s personal favourites. You will even be able to take home the materials to practice your newfound love of calligraphy!

What you'll get

  • Everything you need!  A calligraphy straight pen holder, calligraphy nib, and jar of black ink
  • Tasty treats and nibbles to keep you energized to create beautiful work 🙂

what to bring

  • Yourself, your enthusiasm, and a big smile!


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