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Are you a dude who has recently made a little human and not quite sure how you are going to handle it?

Join Lach Ryan from Blackframes.com.au for an exploration of the art of Fatherhood and gain skills, insights and practical techniques to equip you to become an engaged Dad.

We live in a time when it’s not clear on what it is to be a man. Our own Fathers only managed to pass on their confusion, if they were around at all. The research shows that Fathers play a key role not just in families, but also in the makeup of a functioning society. Men make other men, and we need ensure that process is resourced and the journey shared.

Better than a birth class, quicker than a book and designed to help you get a handle on the type of Father you want to be and your kid will need.    

What you'll get

Skills, insights and practical techniques to equip you to be best Dad you can be

what to bring

Notepad and pen