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Create a lush miniature jungle for your desktop in this workshop taught by Haylee Magendans of Evie Black. Terrariums have been enchanting us since 1842; they’re a way to bring the outside in and are conveniently low-maintenance. A self-regulating tiny garden full of natural wonders – what’s not to love?

You’ll learn how to design and landscape, select suitable soil composition and foliage for your vessel, and care for your new little ecosystem so it survives and thrives. Haylee will teach you how to tame Mother Nature and give you practical tips for keeping your babies lush and happy.

What you'll get

  • Soil, gravel and plants

  • Expert green-thumb tips on terrarium design and care

what to bring

  • Your own vessel – either a large jar, fish bowl or glass container with an opening big enough to fit your hand through. Size should be approx. 20-40cm in diameter. Alternatively, Haylee can provide a vessel for $15 if you request it 3 days prior to the class


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