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Spend 2 hours sipping through endless cups of tea whilst learning how to create your own signature tea blend.

Our workshop will begin by giving you an introduction to our tea bases and how to use their flavour profiles to build your ideal tea. We’ll discuss the detailed brewing techniques for black, green and white tea, and tisanes. You’ll then be offered a tasting to experience the unique qualities of each base. Once familiar with our tea bases, you’ll learn how to make them shine by layering botanical tisanes over each blend – ensuring a delicious infusion awaits.

In the second half of the workshop, you will have access to our tea table where you can experiment with over 35 tea bases, herbs, spices and botanicals. You’ll have Amy from Tour de Tea ready to assist you in creating your perfectly unique blend of tea, using your airtight canister to hand blend your chosen leaves. Boiling water and infusers will be available for you to ensure you can try your blend and add any finishing touches before taking it home.

What you'll get

A chance to explore a broad range of tea bases, spices, and botanicals to create your own signature blend of tea.

Access to brewing materials (and hot water) so you can brew, sample, and perfect your blend.

A little storage jar to carry your blend home and keep it fresh.

Tour de Tea’s brewing guide.

Loads of tea to drink!

what to bring

A curious mind and your passion for tea!


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