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Your journey to discover and appreciate pure leaf tea starts here.

One plant, six styles, five thousand years of history.

We will follow tea from its historical origins to the present day touching on aspects of tea culture and production methods to highlight the deep significance tea has had across the world.

You will enjoy tasting several styles of pure unblended leaf tea from the world’s most revered growing regions and gain an understanding of elements that affect the flavour.

During the tasting you will have an opportunity to practice cupping and tea evaluation skills of characteristics such as fragrance, body, colour and taste (just like wine!) and document your tasting notes in your own tea tasting journal. A Certified Tea Master will guide you on tea tasting language to describe the aromas and flavours you may experience.

Tea will be brewed and shared authentically to demonstrate different preparation methods and brewing vessels. You will learn the parameters for the successful infusion of leaf tea and have an opportunity to practice.

What you'll get

  • An opportunity to get tea drunk (yes, it is a thing!) and taste some of world’s famed pure leaf teas
  • Palate cleansing snacks
  • Tea tasting journal

what to bring

  • a TEA-curious mind


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