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Calling all Tarot enthusiasts, single or not! Tarot Speed-Dating will be a fun way to help you hone your craft while meeting some new like-minded people.

The evening will begin at 6pm with a ‘cocktail half hour’ where you can grab something to drink and nibble on while you chat with other workshop attendees. Upon entering, you will be given the opportunity to pick a card from one of Nico’s tarot decks and pop on a nametag.

At 6:30, Nico will welcome everyone and introduce the plans, set the rules, and answer any questions. Next, we will go around in a circle, and everyone will introduce themselves, and present the card they picked. You DO NOT NEED to know the true meanings of the cards by heart. Just interpret what you see and tell the group how it relates to you. There are no wrong answers.

At 7 we will start the speed-dating portion. Attendees will be divided into two groups, ‘the stayers’ and ‘the movers’. We will set timers to allow the movers to give three five-minute readings, and then switch so the stayers give three five minute readings. It is suggested to give a three-card-spread during this time, but you are free to read your queries however you wish – so long as it is within the five-minute time frame.

After the first round of speed-dating, we will have a break to refill drinks and use the toilet.

Next, attendees will be given the opportunity to both give and receive a 30-minute reading. They are able to pick one person to spend the last hour with. Perhaps this chance encounter will result in a long-lasting flame, a new friend, or teacher. In any case, a fun time for all!

* The event will be limited to 20 attendees. Bring a mate, or a date and score $10 off your ticket price. Select two or more tickets at checkout (including yourself) to cop that sweet deal.

What you'll get

  • Practice reading a range of people in a fun & relaxed environment
  • Wine & snacks!

what to bring

  • BYO Tarot Decks
  • I
  • f you would like to purchase a booklet with explanations of the cards, or a Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck – Nico will have copies of her ‘Tarot for Beginners’ booklet on sale for $10 each, and tarot decks for $20 each.


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