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Tantra is a radical path to love and spirit, a path that commands an overhaul of the status quo to make way for stronger foundations in life and love for a deeper connection to truth and divinity.

When it comes to sex we use Tantra to bring in the sacred. Sex then rises above being about how attractive we appear in bed, how many positions we can pretzel ourselves into, or how bodaciously we perform. Through sacred sex—something truly revolutionary in today’s sex-thriving culture—we become present in each and every passionate moment with our beloved and allow ourselves to truly open, despite all fear, to the divinity that flows through our veins. Through full presence, deep consciousness, and overcoming fear, we can finally attain the heights and depths of the transcendent experiences we seek within ourselves and with our lovers.

This is a live demonstration of guided Tantric Intimacy and Sensual Tantric Massage upon a model by Charlotte. She will discuss how she conducts a sensual tantric flow and sets up the space for a deepening into highly erotic and sacred intimacy will fullness of presence and devotion to the practice of lovemaking and to your lover. This session will go as far as a hands-only approach to Tantric sensual touch. It will not involve any demonstrations of intercourse, however, questions may be asked about all things intimacy and anything else related to the practice of Tantra. It will be a richly informative and blissful experience like none other as well as a highly unique opportunity to learn something powerful and new in the realm of sexuality!

What you’ll learn: 

Being more embodied in intimacy, amplifying your joy & ecstasy in lovemaking

How to bring more confidence, clarity, peace, elation, and eroticism into your love life and improve your relationship in general toward intimacy

Practical techniques of Sensual Tantric Massage and intimacy demonstrated on a live model

Lingham and Yoni Massage techniques demonstrated on model replicas

Sensational Touch: understanding and opening to the polarity of roles of both giver (masculine principle) and receiver (feminine principle) played out through deeply present, sensual touch. How to connect with your masculine/feminine energy from a core level

Elevate your intimacy to reach transcendental states

How to create passionate, blissful & meaningful sexual encounters

Things to consider:

  • Under no circumstances will any cameras including those in phones be permitted to operate in this workshop

  • Please bring an open and curious mind. This is a wonderful and unique opportunity to be amidst likeminded individuals in a clear and supportive learning space wherein we hold a commitment to you to provide a safe and respectful environment and clear boundaries

  • You must be +18 to attend

You are welcome to attend solo or with a partner or friend. Either way, you will have much to gain from coming along to this empowering session of learning!

$155 – Single

$280 – Couple

What you'll get

An intimate and informative session with an expert sex coach

The opportunity to ask questions in a judgement-free zone

what to bring

  • Notepad and pen

  • Anything to make your experience more comfortable such as a yoga mat or cushions

  • This is a BYO friendly session so please feel free to bring along whatever you would like to drink. We have wine glasses available for you to use at the studio


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.