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Tantra is a multifaceted word that often evokes the topic of sex as it’s commonly marketed and practiced in that realm. It’s actually a way of life and a system of techniques that have been developed to bring lucidity and enlightenment to everyday experiences. Practitioners of tantra are able to achieve bliss and spiritual transcendence beyond duality and the mundane, which makes their lives positively radiant.

So, because I know you’re curious, let’s look at Tantra when it’s applied to sexuality. What does this mean for sex and intimacy? It means that they can transform from the ordinary into the sacred and extraordinary, from lackluster, love poor experiences that may leave us feeling empty or used to fully nourishing, deep, and passionate expressions of soulful ecstasy. Delicious!

In this workshop, you will explore the basics in tantric wisdom regarding the realm of sexuality. Knowledge of the energy body, the masculine-feminine polarity, love, conscious relating, orgasm types, sexual techniques, and more. Simple rituals will be shared that can easily be applied to improve your quality of life and bring sacredness to sex. We will do some fun, sensual [& tame] exercises so you may begin to sense your energy flowing and feel more embodied and present to subtle sensations.

This is a beautiful opportunity to be amidst like-minded and curious others in a safe and supportive environment to learn juicy new things and ask any questions you have. All will be kept confidential and your autonomy maintained throughout. Practices are equally appropriate for singles, couples, and all sexual orientations and genders of 18+ years.

What you'll get

  • An introduction to tantra and tantric sacred sex
  • Understand the link between the physical body, mind, and energy body
  • Explore techniques in breath and movement to cultivate presence and healthy sexual energy flow and awareness
  • Deepen your sensual connection with yourself and others
  • Learn simple rituals to invoke sacredness to intimacy and sexuality
  • A sneaky taste of chocolate

what to bring

  • A feather and/or light scarf
  • Optional notepad
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Wine & nibbles if you like


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