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Are you a singer?  Or would you like to be?

How do you feel about your speaking voice?  Are you ever told your voice is too quiet, breathy, high, low, or abrasive?  Do you have to make presentations or speak for long hours as part of your work?

Does your voice ever get tired, hoarse, or lost?  Would you like it to be stronger, louder, more confident, or more controlled?  How can you get an advantage in the competitive world of singing or speaking?

Bec Tilley is a voice coach who works with the singing and speaking voice.  She uses anatomy-based technique to give voice users a concrete understanding of how their instrument works – rather than esoteric imagery-based instructions, you can learn exactly what part of your vocal structure is moving when you make certain sounds, and how to control them to your advantage!

What you'll get

You will NOT be asked to sing or speak in front of the group (unless you volunteer to do so).  You will be taught a few basic techniques for better vocal health & strength, and have your vocal questions answered.  You’ll learn that singing & speaking don’t have to be a frustrating trial-and-error practice.  You’ll probably also have a laugh at some strange sounds that will come out of your mouth!

You’ll receive print-outs of the various techniques discussed so you can continue your practice at home

what to bring

Notebook & pen for taking notes if desired, and yourself!