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A workshop for you mind, creativity and passion

It’s hard to be creative day after day. What do you do when you run out of good ideas? How do you get your mojo back?

As a ‘creator’ you may feel stressed, flat, numb, uninspired, bored, tired or blocked at some point in the process. These pressures can get in the way of your creativity and distract you from your passion.

If you need techniques, tools and practices to pull you out of the rut, this workshop is for you. In this hands-on, immersive experience you’ll meet or reclaim your creativity and understand what stops you from producing your best work.

Mindfulness and creativity go hand in hand, and when the two meet you can find harmony in what you give to and receive from the work. Learn how simple and accessible techniques tailored to your craft can allow you to discover a new found vision, passion and innovation.

This is for you if:

  • you want to meet or reclaim your creativity
  • your creativity is suffering because life is stressful, busy, chaotic or centred around others
  • you want to learn how to be more mindful in creating work that is meaningful
  • you want to invite the fun, passion and drive back into what you do
  • you need practical, hands-on and tailored skills
  • you’re creativity is on fire and your want the flame to keep burning
  • you want to express something but not sure what or how

What you'll get

You will:

  • learn why you get stuck in “that rut” and how you pull yourself out
  • explore your potential and what’s holding you back
  • acknowledge the imposter syndrome and learn how to leave it out of your creative process
  • understand how mindfulness is essential if you want to boost your creativity
  • learn how to engage both your body and mind to keep the mojo flowing
  • develop simple tools, that work for you
  • have fun and learn with a community of creators

what to bring

  • Pen and paper, or device if you would like to take notes


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