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Basketry is a skill and tradition found in most Indigenous cultures around the world, which has been kept alive by being passed down through generations. Weaving is not only about the product, but also the people you meet, the stories you share and the skills you learn along the way. There’s something meditative about a weaving circle that leaves you feeling calm, nourished and connected.

This sustainable coil weaving workshop for beginners will provide you with new skills to weave your own unique piece. You’ll learn the skills to make a basket by combining re-purposed plastic bags and an array of colourful wool. You’ll also receive a Wild Fibres Pack to take home, which will include a range of materials and information to help you continue weaving.

What you'll get

  • All materials to weave your own basket
  • A Wild Fibres Basketry Pack including a fibre directory, step by step guide to weaving, a chenille needle and some extra yarn for you to take home

what to bring

  • TWO plastic grocery bags from your stack of bags at home (thin local supermarket bags eg. IGA/Foodworks)
  • Feel free to bring food or drinks to snack on as lunch won’t be included


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