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Are you an artist, illustrator or designer looking to take the leap into creating large scale artworks or murals?

In the 2 hr workshop you will learn how to reproduce your favourite artwork, photograph, shape or design in this hands on lesson in grids! We will be utilizing one of the oldest and most trusted methods of scaling, transferring and reproducing artwork onto any surface or size.

With a background in graphic design and fine art, I have utilized and fallen in love with grids across typography, life drawing and large scale murals!

Head to our Facebook page for information on parking and getting to the space.

What you'll get

  • Each attendee will leave the session with the tools and inspiration to produce large scale works on any surface with confidence.
  • Take home reference guide on grids.
  • Durer Grid (You will learn what this is too!)
  • Large scale artwork produced by YOU!

what to bring

  • Sketchpads, pencils or pens
  • Printed photograph, artwork or design to be reproduced large scale


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.