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Join Christopher as he guides you through a relaxing morning of learning to paint a beautiful sunset sky in oil paints.

You’ll be taught how to┬áunderstand the use of color and how to develop a painting while also looking at composition, colour, tone, texture and edges. You’ll receive a brief introduction on oil painting, materials and methodology of oil painting,┬áto get your familiar with everything in front of you!

You’ll sketch, and paint, mix some colours, paint some more… and before you know it, you’ll have a gorgeous sunset painting to hang┬áin your home. Learn some mad skills with us!

What you'll get

  • All materials needed… brushes, palettes, and paints!

what to bring

  • An eagerness to learn something new!
  • Wear┬áclothes you don’t mind getting paint on, or an apron.


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