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What does ‘success’ mean to you?

This class is to help people define their success. Most people never stop to think about what it is that they truly want. Many blindly chase money, or career success, without ever taking the time to question what would actually make them happy and fulfilled.

In this class we are going to uncover what it is that you honestly want, through a series of exercise, so that you can define your success and create a life you are proud of.

What you'll get

What students will walk away with:

  • They will understand what success looks like for them (finance/relationship/physical/etc)
  • They will realise their current state of success
  • They will recognise what truly motivates them and their why (crucial for follow through/execution)
  • After all of this, they will have a guiding philosophy for pursuing success

what to bring

  • An open mind and that beautiful smile of yours 🙂


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