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Never picked up a spray can in your life? This is your chance to experience the pure joy that is getting paint onto large scale pieces!

Starting with an intro to street art style, lots of sketching and inspiration to get your creative brain working, you’ll then get guidance from Lotte on how to achieve different qualities and textures using aerosol paints, and incorporate those techniques with filling in detailed areas with paint and brush.

Starting off as a group on a mural type piece to get your skills up to scratch, you’ll learn about can control and build up to working on your own image on a canvas piece that you can take home with you.

What you'll get

  • all materials you need to start getting your mural painting chops in order! Spray paints, sample paint pots, brushes, canvases, a large scale mural piece to contribute to and more!
  • Guidance from Lotte every step of the way
  • A canvas you’ve worked on that you can take home with you!

what to bring

  • Any street art inspo that you love to get you in the zone
  • Please wear loose comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit grubby!


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